Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Prices go down as players rank up! Very powerful if the player manages to keep the recoil from getting out of control. Great for learning the game's Assault-class mechanics. Extremely versatile, like the M4, and with more manageable recoil. Has a unique two-round burst fire mode. Any sight attachment is better than the stock iron sights on this gun.

A very recommended among all players. Very high rate of fire, so it may be a bit hard to control at full-auto.

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Very strong in close combat. Has 50 bullets per mag. Cannot use barrel attachments. Is extremely versatile. Also known as a famous SMG weapon. Can be unlocked at rank 6. Very effective, and is a useful tool for getting used to Phantom Force's non-quickscoping-friendly sniping mechanics. Can be used by using the key "F".

MGS V: The Phantom Pain Weapon Guide: List Of 20 Best Weapons With Stats & How To Unlock Them

Hold "F" for a melee combat weapon. Can be thrown by using the key "G". The first weapon the player recieves as a carbine weapon. The second weapon the player recieves as a carbine weapon.

The second available assault rifle for unlocking. The G36 is an Assault Class weapon most effective at mid-long ranges, and comes with its own 3x telescopic sight instead of the usual pair of iron sights. A deadly weapon used among all players. Most expensive weapon in the game.It is heavily inspired by Battlefield 4 as well as Litozinnamon 's older projects such as Call of Robloxia 5. The following interview was between Thundermaker and litozinnamon onas part of the Developer Connections Project.

There are 6 total gamemodes; five of them are available for players to pick in a general server. All of them include two teams which are Phantoms and Ghosts. A race between teams to get the most kills up to One team wins if they reach a total of kills or has the highest number of kills when the minute time limit is reached.

Flare Domination was the second gamemode to be added to the game. There are three capture points A, B and Cwhich give teams points when captured. The first team to reach points wins the round. If the timer reaches zero, one team with the most points wins.

Both teams start with points. The gamemode runs on a "health" style system; when a team controls the hill, the opposing team loses points. The first team to lose all their points or the team with the least points when the timer runs out loses the round.

In this gamemode, when players are killed, they drop a Dog Tag. Like Team Deathmatch, kills play a huge role in this mode. If a team member collects another team member's Dog Tag, the kill will be denied.

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Capture the Flag is the latest gamemode added to the game. The first team to capture 5 flags or has the most flags captured before time runs out wins. In this gamemode, one player is chosen to be infected while the other players try to defend themselves from those who are infected.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain weapons and equipment

After some time three portals shows up to save those who are not infected. If no one is left not infected, the infected wins. If a survivor has traveled through a portal, the survivors wins. To those who won in this gamemode, they are awarded with a scythe. Crane formerly known as Crane Site was one of the original maps of the game.

Its iconic crane hence the name was featured in one of the original thumbnails for the game.

MGS V: The Phantom Pain Weapon Guide: List Of 20 Best Weapons With Stats & How To Unlock Them

Depending on the game mode, the crane can be one of the most useful spots on the map or useless. Skilled players will usually farm kills off of people who camp on the crane.

The original Crane Site map also contains buildings with cramped staircases, making them perfect spots for knife fights. Since the 2. One of the most intense maps of the game, Desert Storm is known for its alleyways and trenches, as well as its initial lighting scheme.Learning the Valorant best guns you can buy in your price range can help you better overpower the enemy team.

Part of this is understanding Valorant weapon damage statswhich constitute an important part of this competitive shooter's DNA. Developed by Riot Games with input from a number of ex-Counter-Strike professionals, the game offers crunchy gunplay and a fleshed-out arsenal to pick from before the start of each round, and accuracy is key.

Yet the sheer number of guns and the quick time-to-kill makes it hard for new players to figure out what they should pick - which is where our Valorant best weapon recommendations come in handy. Looking for more advice? We have recommendations for the Valorant agents tier list plus a list of Valorant tips and tricks.

In Valorant, you must control your in-game economy to succeed. In the first round, you'll have limited cash to spend on weapons and are only able to purchase a pistol. From this point, you must build a fiscal foothold, and try and disrupt the enemy team's economy by saving or spending depending on how well you've played in each round. If you survive a round you keep the weapons you purchase, but if you die they're lost - alongside the money you spent on them.

Weapons vary wildly in price, with the most effective or situational weapons costing more than the cheap but marginally less powerful ones. Generally, you want to be using an assault rifle or failing that a strong SMG or pistol - if you're really flush with cash, you'll get a sniper. The weapons beyond that barely factor into the game, but they're there in case you want to experiment.

Crucially though, as much as the economy is an important factor, any round can be won with starting pistols alone. Spend wisely, and always take note of how much money you'll be left with in the next round when you're purchasing for the current one. Weapon damage in Valorant may also be alien to those of you who haven't played Counter-Strike. It follows some basic rules - you deal more damage with headshots, less with body shots and barely any with leg shots and so on - but here's what you need to know:.

With those explainers out of the way, here are our best gun recommendations, with damage stats to offer some side-by-side comparisons with others in its category:. The humble pistol will be the weapon you start with in Valorant, but you mustn't overlook it, even as you progress deeper into a match and build out your economy. As well as being our personal favourite gun in the game, the Ghost is a force to be reckoned with in almost every situation.

One tap to the head is enough to dispatch an enemy at close to mid-range, and it fires fast and deals excellent damage in the hands of any relatively accurate player.

Just be careful firing multiple shots in a row, as it will lose its accuracy quickly. It's also cheap and extremely cheerful at credits. I've found myself taking out entire Vandal-toting teams with my trusty Ghost due to its quick fire rate and versatility.

Best Weapons | MGSV: The Phantom Pain

It is the perfect tool for an economy round, where you and your team may be saving after a loss so you can come back stronger with more expensive weapons later.

Give it a go, it will most definitely surprise you - if you can get the drop on someone with a Ghost in hand, they're usually toast. The Shorty is a decent alternative if you fancy going gung-ho and rushing into a bomb site. The Sheriff can also be devastating in the hands of someone extremely accurate, but the Ghost has it beat for versatility, given the magnum's low ammo capacity, recoil and high cost, which doesn't make up for its superior damage.

The Spectre should be your next step up from the Ghost as you build out your economy, and is a good stop-gap between your pistol and your mainstay, which will be your assault rifle.

phantom forces best assault rifle

As well as feeling great in your hand, the Spectre's silenced spray is lightning quick and can quickly bereave groups of clustered enemies in quick succession. It's also great for burst headshots at close or mid-range. Just make sure you watch your ammo and importantly, don't reload after every kill - unlearn that muscle memory for Valorant and you will thrive!

Some people like the alternative, the Stinger, but I find it hard to justify. The Spectre itself is hard to justify, honestly - you're often better off just using your Ghost until you're capable of grabbing a more developed assault rifle. Yet if you need the boost, the Spectre is a great way to gain early momentum and train your aim before you get your hands on the big guns.

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Lethal headshots at any distance.It is unlocked at rank 45, or it can be purchased with credits. Prototype versions originally used the 7.

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However, the F1 is still very common in the French Army mostly because they have held off from a large-scale purchase of G2 specification rifles. It sports average damage for an assault rifle, with a three shot-kill 3SK up to 70 studs, where the damage drop-off starts.

Headshots will usually lower the shots to kill STK amount by one.

phantom forces best assault rifle

In close-quarters-combat CQCit is on equal footing with most personal defense weapons in this regard, though the lower recoil allows for more precise control when firing. The FAMAS has low blowback recoil, fairly low horizontal recoil, medium camera recoil and high vertical recoil.

Per-shot recoil is fairly mild, whereas sustained fire will result in the recoil climbing vertically significantly. Reload times are on the slow end, with the tactical reload being on the faster end for bullpup weapons at 2. The high RoF allows for quick elimination of targets. However, the rate of ammunition consumption is equally high, meaning ammunition is often wasted, even with good trigger discipline. Due to the frequent and often slow reloads of the FAMAS, finding cover to reload is generally a good idea, though the reload is slow.

Although the ROF is relatively high, ammunition is easy to replenish, as 5. The iron sights are obstructive making it difficult to aim with and tracking moving enemies challenging. As optics are available starting at just 10 kills, this problem is easy to surmount. The recoil can become hard to handle in sustained automatic fire, so using attachments such as the muzzle brake to lower the higher vertical recoil of the weapon do help.

With the introduction of the. It has better medium range capabilities, due to sporting a 5SK, meaning it can easily engage targets outside CQC. A player can effectively tap fire with the FAMAS at longer ranges to land accurate shots with only mild per-shot recoil.

Compared to its closest rivals, the M16A3 and HKit sacrifices better accuracy and handling traits, such as recoil and reload speed, for raw damage output and a lower TTK at most ranges, provided all shots connect to the target. The higher recoil, however, when compared to PDWs, in addition to its high rate of ammunition consumption limits the effectiveness of the weapon outside medium range.

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Assault Rifles. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. A French bullpup assault rifle. Higher fire rate than average, but with lacking damage [sic] and a slow reload.

Suppressed Stats. List of Attachments. Optics Kills Required Z-Point. Personal Defense Weapons. Light Machine Guns. Sniper Rifles.

Designated Marksman Rifles. Battle Rifles.Some of the development requirements are listed the same as a previous grade due to being sourced from the game files, which include grades of equipment not yet enabled by Konami for online development. Its stability and low cost have made licensed and unlicensed versions of this rifle a common sight not only in the hands of communist forces, but in war zones around the world.

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SVG Gryzov assault rifle Soviet 7. Bonuses 7. Bonuses 5. PG Gryzov assault rifle Soviet 7. Standard model with the greatest balance between effective range, accuracy, and ease of handling. Usable by FOB staff. Its precision-machined long barrel gives it greater accuracy than other assault rifles. G44 G44 Bullpup Assault Rifle 5. Specialized assault weapon made shorter by positioning the action behind the trigger, which also enables quicker aiming and firing.

G G44 Bullpup Assault Rifle 9mm bullpup assault rifle. Only holds two shells, but is powerful enough at close range to send an enemy flying. Has limited ammo, but enough power at close range to send enemies flying. Bonuses Flashlight U. S EXT. Broughton Model Series Shotgun Pump-action shotgun. A powerful hunting gun with its long barrels sawed off.

This shining gold "persuader" is sure to make enemies see things your way. The simplified construction of this single-shot grenade launcher makes for an all-round better shooting experience, but the grenades' internalized propellant means weaker capabilities than similar ammunition.

Uses cased ammunition for greater accuracy, further enhanced by its high-precision barrel.Last Edited: 5 Oct am. Was this guide helpful?

YES NO. In This Wiki Guide. Release Date September 1, Table of Contents. Extract Interpreter Russian 2. Extract Interpreter Pashto 3. Extract Interpreter Afrikaans 4. Extract Interpreter Kikongo 5. Secure the Stun Arm Blueprint 7. Secure the IR-Sensor Blueprint 8. Secure the Antitheft Device Blueprint 9. Secure the Gun-Cam Defender Blueprint Secure the UA-Drone Blueprint Extract the Highly Skilled Soldier 01 Extract the Highly Skilled Soldier 02 Extract the Highly Skilled Soldier 03 Extract the Highly Skilled Soldier 04 Extract the Highly Skilled Soldier 05 Extract the Highly Skilled Soldier 06 Extract the Highly Skilled Soldier 07 Extract the Highly Skilled Soldier 08 Extract the Highly Skilled Soldier 09 Extract the Highly Skilled Soldier 10 Extract the Highly Skilled Soldier 11 You can list as much guns for each class as long if you think its good, You can also list reaons Here is my list:.

Stick to sights like M and Z-Point recommended. The recoil will lower a lot. If you manage to get 10 kills in a row, then you're good. Despite the AWS's low accuracy, you can go on a 15 streak. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. The rich text editor does not work with JavaScript switched off. Please either enable it in your browser options, or visit your preferences to switch to the old MediaWiki editor.

Follow 0 Kudos. Best guns for each class in your opinion? The Support Class. You can list as much guns for each class as long if you think its good, You can also list reaons Here is my list: Assualt rifle: -Aug A1: Low recoil, You can also snipe with this Scar-L: The stats make it feel like a juggernaut M16A3: Outclasses the honey badger.

phantom forces best assault rifle

Why not? Battle rifle: Scar-h: Very good in all ranges. Other: -Sawed off: Just like the DB the burst makes it a close range bfg. Loading editor. Quote More History.

phantom forces best assault rifle

Save changes Preview Cancel. For assault:I recommend Scar-H or Groza. Better than SKS. For Support:M60 Any sight with little or no magnification at all. Just start learning bullet drop and velocity. Nagant:Haha, iron sights work just as good. Reply Preview.

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